Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Fourth of July

After a late night out at some good friends of ours, watching a spectacular fireworks display (and lighting many of our own), I figured the kids would sleep in later than usual, since they were up so late. I should know better, as they were all up at the usual time - early. Mira did not do well last night - she tired easily of her surroundings and constantly wanted a change of scenery, which we provided. We eventually laid a blanket down for her in a nice quiet bedroom, but she just resisted and cried most of the time. She finally fell asleep, on the way home.

She has been having a rough time today too - she has had 2 big tonic-clonic seizures, one right after lunch and another before dinner. On both occasions, her toy seemed to be the trigger. Before the first one, she was having a ton of hard myoclonics and I noticed she had really clammy feet and feet, prior to getting her into her chair. I figured it was safe to try her toy again, about 3 hours later, which backfired when she had another involved seizure. We had decided to head out for fried chicken at Rye, which Sarah and I have been to a few times before, thinking that the kids all might be on decent behavior for a nice sit-down meal. I should have know better on that decision too - I was 0 for 3 today, which gives me a .000 batting average.

Needless to say, Mira spent most of the day reclined in her chair, recovering from the seizures. Out at dinner, she has very quiet and reserved, to be expected. The boys could have exercised much better behavior. I don't think Jonah was struggling with the concept of what is appropriate and inappropriate at the dinner table. We survived the dinner and headed home afterward. Neither of the boys were interested in seeing fireworks - I think they were just worn out from last night.

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