Friday, July 10, 2015

An Interesting Day

I took the day off work and was able to spend the day getting caught up at home. Mira was an interesting mood all day today. She spent the morning playing with her toy, having a minimal amount of head drops and myoclonics. She had a huge appetite too, finishing off 3 bottles in about 20 minutes. We then spent about 45 minutes racing in her chair around the house, which Mira was very energetic about - she just kept going and going, not wanting to stop racing.

We then ran a few errands and Mira did not make so much as a peep - even went we spent a solid 10 minutes in the spice aisle in the grocery store. She was incredibly patient during everything. After errands, she had a decent lunch and took a sizable nap. She played with her toy more this afternoon and again, we spent another 30-45 minutes racing around the house. It rained the entire afternoon, which kept us indoors, so it was the logical thing to do to keep her entertained. She again was full of energy through all of the racing, never fussing once. She just quietly wore down and went to bed.

Mira's typical day, on the Fuss-O-Meter, is usually around a 5. Some days, she cranks it up to a full 9 or 10, when she just cries all day, but rarely does she have a day like today - practically a zero. She only fussed once all day, for less than a minute when she was up from her nap.

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