Thursday, July 16, 2015

Two Days On; One Day Off

Mira has been alternating days with seizures. After a great weekend (at least 2+ seizure-free days) she had an off day on Tuesday, having multiple seizures and a ton of myoclonics. Yesterday and today though, she was back to having a minimal amount of activity. She had a few subtle myoclonics yesterday morning, but nothing after that. Today again, some very, very light myoclonics in the morning and then nothing the rest of the day. She had a ton of energy around dinner time and wanted to do nothing but race around in her chair for almost an hour. She wore herself out kicking and waving her arms, finally settling down after we walked around before and after dinner.

She had some serious happy feet over the weekend. You can see in the video how much she has destroyed the foot pads on her Zippie. She kicks with the bottom of her heels repeatedly - it looks like it hurts, but I think she has mastered it to where she is simply getting positive sensory input.

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