Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Return of Thumper

Mira had another interesting day today. She wasn't near as vocal as she was yesterday - still babbling quite a bit, but only for a few hours off an on this afternoon. She was quiet this morning and didn't have much to say. Instead of vocalizing, she was kicking. She did a ton of kicking.  She went through a period of this years ago, which earned her the name 'Thumper'. Today, Thumper returned with a vengeance. Mira spent a better part of the afternoon, kicking the daylights out of the footrests on her Zippie. She has been doing this more over the past few weeks I suppose, but today she took it to a whole new level. Alternating feet, both feet together, right heel only while spinning the left - so many different kicking patterns, but the result was the same. She was getting some solid sensory feedback via her feet and it was loud.

I have probably posted the condition of her footrests in the past, but if I haven't, I can assure you that they have seen better days. The foot pads are completely shoved back against the calf supports, from Mira digging her heels in, slowly scraping away at the covers and padding. The actual footrests are banged up as well, with the bolts and washers needing serious attention from her relentless pounding. Today I thought the footrests were going to snap off. After one episode of kicking away on them repeatedly for about 15 minutes, I wedged a bathmat over the footrests and under the Velcro support on the back, just to give her heels some relief.

Mira only had a few hard myoclonics this morning - probably 3 or 4 of them at different times - all isolated and random. I didn't see any seizure activity after about 9:00am this morning. Her last big tonic-clonic seizure was last Sunday, which is a nice long stretch for her without having one.

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