Monday, July 6, 2015


Mira had an awful day today. She spent the entire day crying and fussing - absolutely nothing would make her happy. I did the rounds with her this morning before I had to go to work, which left Sarah holding the torch for the rest of the day. After Mira's non-stop wailing all morning and most of the afternoon, Sarah was pretty fried by the time I got home, thus she handed the baton back to me. Mira chugged back 2 bottles and her toy seemed to keep her happy, for about 5 entire minutes. She had an appetite and didn't seem like she was in any pain, although it is always difficult to tell with her. Apparently, this back and forth, from her chair, to her bed, with her toy, with drinking in between, had been going on for hours. Sarah said she took a nap in the afternoon for about an hour or so, but whenever she was awake, she was crying. No seizures; no head-drops. Nothing but crying.

She finally came around, about an hour before bed, when we raced around the house in her chair. She giggled some and at least showed a tiny bit of interest by kicking her legs. Boredom? Not sure, as we were running around quite a bit yesterday and she was equally as crabby.

I thought today she might enjoy some peace and quiet, after a hectic weekend and recent late night outings. I guess not. She went to bed early - I have no doubt all of the fussing wore her out.

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