Saturday, July 25, 2015

Miss Chatterbox - The Second Album

Mira was anxious to get back in the studio this morning to start working on recording her sophomore effort. Her album has 12 tracks and all of them are titled 'ba-ba-ba-ba-ba' in varying tempos and volumes. She had a lot to say from from the moment she woke up. She had a decent morning, but when I put her back in her bed, she started to have a lot of myoclonics. She didn't have a single one in her chair for 20 minutes or so, but once she was laying down, she started having them about every 20 seconds or so, for about 15 or 20 minutes total. Then, that was all of the seizure activity we saw all day long - not another drop, twitch, or anything.

What we did see (or rather, hear) all day long was Mira's vocalization. She talked a constant stream of her new tune, 'ba-ba-ba-ba-ba', the entire day. It didn't matter if she was in her bed, her chair, playing with her toy, or racing around the house - she was always doing it. Very rarely was she quiet. One thing I noticed too, was that she didn't really nap much at all today. It was as though she didn't have time to sleep - too much babbling to do.

She had a few moments where she was going from babbling to fussy at the drop of a hat - like someone had switched a light on and off. Very abruptly, the switch would flip from being very happy and babbling, to irritable with tears streaming down her face within 5 seconds or so. For most of the day, she was in a great mood and always talking. At about 4:00 this afternoon though, she turned on the fuss-o-meter for a full-fledged wail-a-thon for a few minutes, but she got over it once she had a few bottles. She was obviously hungry and we needed to know - loudly. Then it was more ba-ba-ba-ba-ba the rest of the evening. I think her voice even became a little hoarse from all of the vocalizing. I can't recall the last time she has had so much to say in one day, let alone two days in a row.

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