Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dentist + Bottles

Mira has been having some up and down days to start off the week. At school, she has been doing very well in the morning and early afternoon, but quickly looses steam toward the end of the school day and gets really fussy. Mira hadn't been having any big tonic-clonics for almost a week, when she had three of them at school today. It's so random - you can almost tell as something is building up a few days prior. She becomes increasingly irritable and it culminates into a big seizure day, where she has multiple episodes very close together.

Her afternoons at home continue to be somewhat volatile - I think she just wants some down time in her bed after being at school, which is difficult for Sarah to do, as she is picking up Eli (like today when the weather is bad) after Mira gets off the bus. She has been staying up later the past few nights and is very anxious to race around the house in her chair. She does a serious amount of rocking back and forth, exercising her abs in the process by repeatedly lunging forward as she is racing.

We took all three kids this morning to the dentist, which overall, went very well. No cavities or issues for the boys and while Mira was reluctant to open her mouth, once she did, they managed to do a decent check-up. She didn't have a ton of patience for it, but she didn't hold a grudge once it was all over. It is a minimum 3 person job -  one person to hold Mira's head back and still, another person to hold her arms down, and the dentist or hygienist of course to do the check-up.
Mira has been getting really steady at gripping and holding her bottle. Once you get it to her, she can usually keep it going for a solid 30-45 seconds at a time. She will occasionally let it drop, so you can't venture too far, but she is getting increasingly consistent with it. We have noticed she has been drooling a ton lately - like a faucet. We have no idea why, as her trip to the dentist this morning didn't indicate anything strange going with her teeth or gums.

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