Sunday, March 27, 2016

Unhappy Easter

Mira was not happy this Easter Sunday. Maybe it was the snow this morning, then the 25 degree temperature swing a few hours later, but something was bothering her. She could have been holding a grudge from her bath earlier - I think she was simply tired and wanted to relax. We headed over to some friends for their annual brunch and Easter egg hunt around noon, but Mira wanted nothing but to be back in her bed. Once we were settled in at the party, it was only 20 minutes before Mira decided she was done. She finished off 2 bottles, but she really just wanted to be home - I think the noise was getting to her. I ended up packing her back up, taking her and Eli (who was already bored, because well, he is a 13 year old kid at an Easter egg hunt, which apparently isn't cool anymore) and headed home. Mira fussed the entire time until of course, until she was back in her bed. She slept off and on most of the afternoon, but wasn't unhappy. We did a fair amount of racing around the house in her chair late in the afternoon, stopping at times to watch the birds out the back window, which seemed to momentarily capture Mira's interest.

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