Sunday, March 6, 2016

When It's Time, It's Time...............and That Means Right Now!

Mira had another great day, well most of it was. We spent a lot of time outdoors again, taking advantage of this spring-like weather. We seemed to have catapulted into warm temperatures over the past few weeks and there is no looking back. Today was very windy and not as much sun, which strangely, had an affect on Mira's eye-rubbing episodes. We were out at the park and Mira had a series of bouts with batting at her eyes - there was no stopping her on a couple of occasions, you just had to wait it out until she got her fix. Ironically, we ran into a therapist from CCVI at the park, who recommended getting some plastic stays for Mira's glasses, to help keep them on better. Much to my surprise, she was so kind as to run them by the house later in the afternoon - thanks so much, Lisa! The stays look like this:
Despite the episode late today (which I will get into) Mira had a fantastic weekend. She was al smiles outside today, similar to yesterday. I have never seen her smile so consistently than I have the past few days. She has really been in a great mood - she has been having a lot of startles and spasms (lightning jerks) especially during our walk today, but still no big tonic-clonics for several days now. Still, something began bothering her late this afternoon. After dinner, Mira's happy streak came to a screeching halt, as she erupted into a crying frenzy for the 90 minutes. She was not happy in her chair, her bed, and certainly not in the bath. At one point, she was just wailing at the top of her lungs, tears streaming down her face - she was so worked up, she was coughing and gagging.
I'm not sure where all of this irritability came from, as she slowly ramped it up over a period of 15 minutes while we were having dinner, so much so that we had to quickly finish to deal with her wailing - she was seriously unhappy. She may have just hit a wall today and decided she was done with this weekend. Once she finished with bath time and was back in her bed, she quieted down, the crying subsided, and eventually, she fell asleep.

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