Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Mira has been having difficulty keeping her glasses on these days. We aren't sure whether they are loose or she is just getting better at batting them off her face. At school, her teacher mentioned it today - they had to do some of her therapies with her glasses off, since they kept falling off her face so much. We don't put them on her for the bus ride to school, for that very reason. It would be difficult for the driver or para on the bus to constantly keep watch to make sure she doesn't knock them off and damage them. At home, we haven't noticed them coming off any more than usual, but then again, we are doing a lot of redirection with her as she reaches for them.

Mira had a decent day up until after lunch. She has been in a pleasant mood in the mornings, but she seems to tire toward mid-afternoon and ends up pretty irritable on the bus ride home. She was tired before dinner tonight, drank a few bottles and wanted nothing but to be in her bed. She didn't have any big seizures at all today - just a few random twitches and spasms.

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