Monday, February 29, 2016


In retrospect, Mira and I did some serious walking yesterday. While she wasn't with me for all of those 11+ miles, she was for our long journey up to the store, around the neighborhood, and at the park. I think that is the most steps I have had in awhile and my legs reminded me of that fact this morning. As far as Mondays go, today wasn't Mira's best - she was fine at breakfast, but apparently she was off and on irritable at school until lunch. Her teacher said she was having a lot of strong myoclonics and jerks all morning long, but they eventually subsided around recess/lunch time. They were able to get outside, which of course, Mira enjoyed thoroughly - legs and arms going everywhere. The weather was so mild again today that her therapist was able to do her vision therapy outside. She again was fussy on the bus ride home and was not in the greatest mood at dinner. She was obviously battling some neurological issues all day and continued to do so until she went to bed.

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