Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mira's New Glasses

Mira had a busy day today, starting the day off with a Lupron shot, ending up getting to school mid-morning, We had it scheduled months ago, along with a routine endocrinology appointment. Nothing revealing at her appointment - it was fairly uneventful, including the shot. Mira had a decent day at school, a little up and down, but nothing significant. The surprise of the day was when we were notified that Mira's glasses arrived, ahead of schedule! Unfortunately, it was late in the afternoon, which is typically Mira's hardest part of the day. She made it through the fitting alright, but the technician had to do the adjustments between bottles - Mira was hungry and that took priority. The glasses fit her very well and we were pleasantly surprised that even with her having such a high prescription, the lenses don't look bad at all. I think the frame helps out a ton in reducing the visual thickness. Sarah and I tried them on briefly and they are astoundingly strong. After we were home and Mira had some down time in her bed, we got her in her chair and put the glasses on, while just walking around in the house to see what she would do. She did a fair amount of scanning and it looked like she was trying to focus on things, but it was difficult to tell. She didn't try to pull them off and they stayed on really well - no slipping down the bridge of the nose or getting crooked when she rubbed her ears. I hope they start helping Mira connect with her surroundings. I have a feeling that she has been so conditioned to not being able to see everything clearly, that it may take some time for her to start processing her environment and making those connections.

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