Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ophthalmology - Part 2

Yesterday morning we had a second ophthalmology appointment, where we had a different ophthalmologist, one who has more experience with CVI, give Mira a more in-depth exam. Mira did great during the entire ordeal, which involved having her eyes dilated and having to wait for another 45 minutes until they could actually do the exam. While they did find some slight differences in her prescription from her initial appointment last month, they did not find anything unusual or abnormal with her eye structure or functioning. The ophthalmologist told us that there also nothing that would indicate that there was anything degenerative in regards to her vision either. No one seems to know why her prescription is so high - it just is I suppose. There are any number of scenarios that could happen in the future, as far as Mira's vision is concerned. There is the theory that since she has become so accustomed to not being able to see much (as at some point, her vision did start to decline over the past few years since her last exam) that getting her glasses may help her form some connections, neurologically speaking. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if she does have some sort of permanent genetic disposition or storage issue that is affecting her vision, her CVI will most likely continue to prevail - a neurological/visual disconnect that is acting as a deterrent for her to process anything. It's only been a few weeks since she has consistently been wearing her glasses and we are hopeful that they will ultimately help in some capacity.

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