Thursday, February 4, 2016


Since Mira's episode on Tuesday night, things have settled back down. We started her on a round of antibiotics, while we are waiting for the results back on her cultures. I'm really surprised that Mira willingly drinks the pink slime, which is sulfamethoxazole, mixed into a liquid suspension that tastes like bizarre flavored bubble gum. I was skeptical with the first dosage, but she was a trooper about it - she has to take two 15ml doses of it, one in the morning and one before bed, which is a ton of liquid. Mira is usually very hesitant to drink anything that isn't at least room temperature and seeing how this is refrigerated, I'm even more surprised that we have been batting 100% on her doses since Wednesday morning. She has been having much better days since Tuesday - happy at school and for the most part, happy at home. She was a little fussy tonight, but just seemed really tired. We are gearing up for Mira's IEP in the morning, which is always an adventure.

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