Saturday, February 27, 2016

Practically Summer

Who ever tells you global warming isn't real should have spent today in Kansas City. It was unseasonably warm again, reaching 72 degrees this afternoon and it's still only February. Last weekend we had uncharacteristically warm weather - not quite in the 70's, but very warm for this time of year. Tomorrow we are expecting more of the same, with some added wind. This entire winter has been extremely warm, having only a few days in the single digits. Not that I am complaining, as we spent nearly the entire day outside, but it is definitely strange to have so many days like this and it has been perfect timing with all of it happening on the weekends.

Mira was very quiet all day. No irritability whatsoever, in fact, on one of our walks today, she was laughing and giggling at certain points. She was batting at her eyes a little bit more today, probably because there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun was intense, even for February. After a long walk, Mira took a nap and we went out to the park for a couple of hours before dinner. She was content just being outside in the fresh air. We had to pick a shady spot, when we weren't walking around, to keep Mira's eye-rubbing to a minimum. She continues to tolerate her glasses a majority of the time and when she does try to get at her eyes, she gives up easily when the frames get in her way. All of our walking and being outside must have wore her out - she was yawning by 7:00pm and once she was in bed, she was asleep within a few minutes.

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