Thursday, February 25, 2016

More Episodes

Mira has been having some hard tonic-clonics at school the past few days - the same number of seizures at about the same time. Wednesday at school, she had a big seizure about 10:00am and another one around noon, then continued to be 'off' the rest of the afternoon. Her fists were clenched and her legs extended outward, which is a sure sign of extended seizure activity. She continued to be out of sorts last evening, then had a repeat performance of seizures today at school. Sarah took a couple of videos of her late yesterday (unfortunately, I was in Louisiana and just got back this afternoon) and sent them to me. These episodes of arm and leg extensions are all too familiar - she often has sweaty hands and feet, along with a myriad of odd movements. She always seems very distant during these episodes, making it difficult to connect with her at all. When I arrived home this afternoon, she gave me a big smile when I started talking to her, which was so nice to see. Mira's episodes seem to have ended today, but is still having big tonic-clonics throughout the day.

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