Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weather Patterns + Mood Patterns

Today seemed as though Mira's mood was changing with the weather today. This morning she was in a decent mood, vocalizing in her bed, and overall, she was happy. She didn't particularly enjoy her bath, but she rarely does. Then the winds started up after lunch, the temperature started to drop, and Mira's positive mood began to crumble. So, we packed up and went for a walk again, since it was still fairly warm, yet overcast outside, making it feel colder than it was yesterday. We spent a fair amount of time walking down to the store, getting a few groceries, dropping them off at home, then going out again, just walking around the neighborhood. Mira was thoroughly enjoying all of it - legs constantly kicking and her body always moving. I thought she would eventually wear down, but she kept on going. We finally came back home and took a break, which was fine for about an hour, then she became very irritable (which has been a trend now, running three days strong) so we tried bottles and more walking, but Mira wanted nothing to do with any of it. She ended up going to bed really early and is still cashed out. Maybe it was a delayed reaction to all of the walking this afternoon.

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