Sunday, February 14, 2016

Outside with New Glasses

Mira had been having a nearly seizure-free week, up until today. She hadn't had any big tonic-clonics until last Monday, which of course, was a very rough day for her. We hadn't seen any all week, until this morning, when she had a few really strong myoclonics, then continued to have a ton of lightning jerks throughout the day. She was in a fairly decent mood and fortunately, it was warm enough to get outside and enjoy the weather. We went for a long walk this afternoon, which Mira was very enthusiastic about. This was the first time we had gone outside for an extended period since Mira has had her glasses. She didn't seem to react any differently to her surroundings with them on - she still did a fair amount of eye-rubbing, which she always does when we are outside, but I had to run interference with her hands the entire time we were on our walk. Mira was constantly trying to get to her eyes and in the process, kept pushing her glasses off. I really had to keep a close watch on her - each time she would raise her hand to scratch, I would redirect her hands, which worked about half the time. I suppose I was hoping she might react differently with her glasses and have a new perspective on being outside, but this first walk was not any different than any other time. The walk ended up wearing her out, as she took a long nap afterward and woke up really cranky. She was not up for taking a bath or doing much of anything and she made it known - detesting very, very loudly.

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