Friday, February 12, 2016

The Long, Busy Week

It has been a very long week for everyone, especially Mira, so I will keep this brief. She started the week off Monday by having to come home from school (basically right after she got off the bus) since she was having multiple seizures, for which we had to administer Diastat to stop at home. This was after contracting a UTI the middle of last week, for which she is just now finishing off a round of antibiotics. Tuesday Mira had a scheduled appointment with endocrinology, which involved a Lupron injection, which she has been getting every three months. Wednesday and Thursday I was balancing deadlines at work, while we were trying to plan Eli's birthday, which is tomorrow. We ended the week by having an IEP for Jonah in the morning and another trip to the pediatrician's office for Mira to do a follow-up urine sample, for which she had to have a catheter to actually get the sample. Add in all of the early morning conference calls (on the Atlantic time zone) at work, as I am dropping the boys off at school, and just the day-to-day errands picking up prescriptions, I think we are all completely fried by this week. Sarah and I did a fair amount of tag-teaming or passing the baton this week to try and tackle all of the appointments and commitments - we are all ready for the weekend.

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