Saturday, February 6, 2016


Mira has been showing a lot of energy for the past two days - yesterday it was pterodactyl noises all day long and today it was kicking. She was much less vocal today, but what she lacked in talking, she made up for in movement - a ton of lunging in her bed and constant wiggling in her chair. It seemed like every time she saw a window of opportunity to slouch in her seat, she managed to squirm down in her chair, even with her lap belt snug across her legs. We went for a long walk outside to help her burn of some of that energy and Mira took full advantage of it - she was kicking her legs straight out in front of her, a majority of the time we were out. Thanks to our mild winter so far, we have been able to get out more weekends than usual. She was a little irritable after dinner, but I think she was having some stomach woes, possibly from the antibiotics. She had a few lightning jerks today, but little seizure activity other than this morning, when she looked like she was going to having a big tonic clonic. We were racing around the house when she stopped kicking for a few moments, paused, then extended her arms out a bit like she was going to start having one, then relaxed her body after about 5 seconds, then went right back to kicking.

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