Friday, February 5, 2016

IEP + One Female Pterodactyl

Today was just a complete blur - come to think of it, the entire week has been equally as crazy. We started off this morning with Mira's annual IEP at her school, which went very well. No big surprises and no changes in therapies for the next year, yet there are changes in her ESY (extended school year) summer session, which we knew were coming. The reduction in the amount of class time Mira will receive (and all other kids participating in ESY) has been reduced for the third consecutive year, which brings the district down to a couple of 3 week sessions, 3 days a week, for 3 hours a day. It seems almost pointless, considering what she does during the school year. We only have one person to thank for this eroding emphasis on teaching and learning - Governor Sam Brownback, who continues his relentless destruction of public education in the State of Kansas. But I digress.

Mira was able to hang out in her classroom with a couple of paras while we had our meeting. We spent a significant portion of the time discussing Mira's vision and the possible scenarios that may arise when she gets her glasses. Sarah and I are excited about the potential of Mira's vision being improved and what the future might bring for her. Who knows what will happen, but as I stated in a few earlier posts, the fact that her vision is so poor right now, anything will be an improvement with what she is seeing right now. It will be interesting when she finally puts them on. Needless to say, we were happy to see that there weren't any changes with her IEP so that we can see what her vision and processing might bring.

I had to head off to work after the IEP and the day continued to rush by, as I played catch-up from a busy week. Sarah texted me a few brief videos of Mira throughout the day, capturing her what can only be described as, pterodactyl noises. She was making this bizarre, almost squeaking noise all afternoon long - by the time I was home from work, she had taken a break from it, but immediately started back up once I had her in her chair and began racing around the house. She was very animated all day today, doing a ton of kicking, and of course, imitating dinosaur noises.

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