Friday, March 18, 2016

The Day After

After Mira's rough day yesterday, she continued to be groggy and sleepy most of the day today. She did show some brief signs of energy late this afternoon, but overall, she was quiet and did a fair amount of sleeping. We didn't see any seizures today and she wasn't near as clammy as she was yesterday, but the Diastat and all of the seizures yesterday left her exhausted. It would have been nice to to get her outside from some fresh air, but the temperatures dropped considerably today and it even was snowing at one point. She was too floppy and tired to take out for some errands - also it was not worth the risk of getting her sick or something on top of it. What she needs is some rest. The pictures below show what she was like first thing this morning. After a few bottles, she immediately went back to sleep in her chair. She had a voracious appetite today, which isn't surprising, considering she had very little to drink yesterday.

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