Thursday, March 10, 2016

Exhausted Mira

Good thing spring break started today, as Mira seemed to collapse at the finish line, of this marathon week she apparently had. It's not like we did anything strenuous or exhausting this week, but Mira was pretty much done with the day around 6:00pm. She had her usual cranky hour late in the afternoon, had a few bottles, and Sarah put her down in her bed, where she basically passed out. She was tired. We had to wake her up about an hour later to get her meds in her, which she took, quietly rolled over, and went right back to sleep. She has been tolerating school the past few days - again, nothing eventful, just Mira going with the flow. After her multiple seizure day on Tuesday, everything has been fairly quiet since. She is still having a fair amount of morning myoclonics, but she is at least avoiding any tonic-clonics the past two days. We don't have any plans over spring break - some years are just like that I suppose. Traveling with Mira is difficult, combined with having to work all next week, it makes for a low-key break, for the kids anyway. Sarah will have her hands full at home trying to entertain everyone.

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