Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Break is an Oxymoron

After a rough end of the day yesterday, I think we were all completely worn out by bedtime, especially Mira. It was rough getting up this morning, not only for the lost hour because of daylight savings time (which made a typical Monday increasingly difficult) but the fact that weekends in general, are taxing. Technically, Friday was the beginning of spring break for the kids, but it already seems like an eternity. There really isn't such a thing as spring break in our house - we cannot afford to travel much (or at all) as a family of five. Not to mention, going anywhere is complicated. We had not planned to go anywhere this spring regardless, so we knew we were going to have to invent things to do to keep everyone occupied for the week, which always proves to be difficult.

Mira was in decent spirits this morning after a long sleep, but her mood turned when Sarah did her hair. She continued to be upset about it for quite a while afterward, finally settling down after a few bottles and some down time in her bed. All of her frustration took its toll, as she had some serious naps the rest of the day. The weather was amazing outside today, which would have been great to enjoy, had I not had to go to work and sit in meetings the entire day. The highlight was actually getting out of work on time and being able to have dinner together, then getting Jonah out to the park for some fresh air.

This is the time of year that tends to make me a little bitter. Going into work and hearing about 10 day excursions to Maui and awesome family vacations at the beach, make me gnash my teeth a little. Seeing pictures of toes in the sand and kayaking adventures is tough to see on a Monday after a weekend of seizures, wailing, and diapers. Don't get me wrong - I am really happy for you. Jealous, albeit, but happy for you. Thank goodness the NCAA tournament is starting this week to create a necessary distraction for us. Day 5 of spring break begins in the morning.

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