Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Quiet Week

After Mira's multiple seizure episode last week, things have quieted down for her this week. She has been having a lot of small seizures at school for the past three days, but only having one tonic-clonic on Monday. Her teacher said she has been having smaller 'episodes' throughout the day, brief seizures that have been lasting 5-10 seconds. Other than that, we haven't been seeing much activity at home. Mira has been in a decent mood most days, with the occasional fussy spell, usually when it is bath time or hair-brushing time.

We have been getting outside lately after dinner to the park and Mira is loving the wind. She is smiling and kicking her feet - when the wind fires up, she even belts out a periodic chuckle. We usually are just walking around the park on the path while Jonah is playing, but it is enough to maintain Mira's interest - she loves the motion and movement. We have noticed that she is doing an excessive amount of drooling these days, especially when we are walking. I have gotten in the habit of taking a towel with us to try and monitor the amount that ends up on her shirt and jacket. I'm not sure why she is creating so much drool, but she will soak her front in a matter of a few minutes, if you aren't on top of it. She isn't doing in her bed hardly at all - mainly just when we are walking.

We had been waiting a few weeks for Mira's updated glasses to come in, but Sarah realized when she called this morning to follow up, it turns out the ophthalmology clinic hadn't even sent over her updated script yet to start the process moving forward. Good thing she called, as the now we will be waiting another 2-3 weeks minimum to get her updated glasses. Hopefully, the optometrist will honor the remake order and change in her script, despite it being outside the 30 day window to get them remade.

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