Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Positive Turnaround

Mira had an interesting day - not really irritable or fussy at any point today. She started off the day as she has been for the past week or so, having a ton of myoclonics, but again, not crabby at all through them. She also had numerous myoclonics before dinner, a few of which almost evolved into a full blown tonic-clonic seizure.

The report back from school was that she had a pretty positive day - she was attentive at times, focusing on objects placed in front of her and even was compliant in her walkabout. She didn't necessarily take any purposeful steps, but was content while she was in it anyway.

This afternoon, she was vocalizing more than I have heard over the past few days. She was making some screeching noises and at times, was kicking up a storm in her bed. This activity went on for about 20 minutes and she took a brief nap before dinner. No complaints through her bath either, which is usually a tough time for her, especially in the evening.

Mira hasn't had much of an appetite the pat several mornings, but makes up for it at dinner time. This evening however, she would only drink one bottle and refused everything else.

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