Friday, February 13, 2015

Heavy Seizures

Mira had a pretty rough seizure day yesterday. When I got her up from bed, she was very twitchy, her hands were clammy and she felt warm. That's usually a positive indication that she is going to either have a bad day or is on the verge of having some heavy seizure activity. Sure enough, she was only awake and in her chair for about 10 minutes, when she had an intense tonic-clonic seizure that lastd about a minute. This was about 6:30am and she was knocked out for a solid 45 minutes. We were on the fence about sending her to school, since this seizure completely drained her.

We decided to send her anyway and all things considered, she had a decent day. She wasn't too interested in doing much at school and was quiet most of the day. She did enjoy her music time and some of her activities, but seemed to be fairly lethargic at times. She was back at home and doing alright for a few hours before dinner, but then had another big tonic-clonic. As with the earlier one in the morning, this one too just drained her.

This morning again, we thought she was going to have a repeat performance, having a few myoclonics that appeared as they were going to slowly unfold into something awful, but they fizzled out after 10-15 seconds. Even those smaller seizures affected her focus. Mira had a half-dozen or so of these episodes in the morning, then a few more this evening before dinner.

She is quietly resting in her bed right now, as the seizure activity over the past few days has really taken a toll on her.

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