Friday, February 27, 2015

Can't Catch a Break

Have I mentioned how much I hate seizures? Watching Mira suffer through them day after day is awful to watch. After she had a couple of really positive days in a row (both at school and at home and despite having countless myoclonics and head drops throughout) Mira had a rough afternoon. She wasn't too cooperative at school, resisting and objecting to most of the activities throughout the day - it was obvious that something has been bothering her today.

When she arrived off of the bus, she was quiet and reserved. Eventually, I put her in her chair and she played for about 30 seconds and immediately erupted into a huge seizure. She was drained from it for almost an hour. Then she woke up, had a bottle to drink and then had another involved tonic-clonic seizure, exactly like the first one. Some days, she just can't catch a break.

She is resting this one off in her bed for the moment, but she is worn out from this heavy seizure activity this afternoon.

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