Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Up + Down

Mira had a pretty typical day today - some ups and downs, but overall, not terribly bad. She woke up this morning and had a few subtle head drops and was a little irritable, yet her mood changed once she was in her chair and was able to get some time with her toy. She actually did well this morning after she was dressed and had something to eat. She seemed excited to get on the bus and was anxious for school.

She did have some fussy spells at school, but also grasped a few objects, ones that normally don't even peak her interest in the slightest. She held onto one toy for about 15 seconds, which is a good length of time for her, Mira's stamina apparently wore down eventually at school and was fussy by the end of the day.

This afternoon she was a little off and on as well. She played some before dinner, but again became really tired after she had a couple bottles and wanted back in her bed. The positive thing is that I didn't see any seizures at all this evening - no myoclonics or head drops at all, for several hours before she went to bed.

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