Thursday, February 19, 2015

Test Your Strength

Mira had a decent day today - woke up having a lot of myoclonics, but in a pleasant mood. She had an off and on day at school - did well in her walker, trying to take a few steps, while not complaining as she usually does. She was a little cranky late afternoon, but again, no seizures before and after dinner, which is always a positive. She tolerated a bath pretty well and ended up getting some time with her toy afterward, which made her happy.

Then she started doing this. I have never seen her do this type of routine repetitively and with such focus. She was quiet as can be while she was doing this almost stretching motion, over and over for about 20 minutes. She looks like she was doing a slow-motion 'Test Your Strength' carnival game with the giant hammer or perhaps she was practicing some new yoga moves. Either way, it was pretty interesting - the whole time she had a look of determination, yet calmness as she was doing it.

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