Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Throws Up

Today was a decent day for Mira, all things considered. We were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather on both Saturday and Sunday, with temperatures reaching into the low 60's both days. What better way to celebrate the sunshine than to get out to the park and enjoy the swing next door.

Mira was out in the swing quite a bit on Saturday, which made her very happy, for a while. This afternoon, we were able to sneak out again and get some additional swing time before dinner. Mira was going strong for a good 10-15, then became really quiet and reserved. Right at the moment I started thinking 'I should get her out of the swing because I think she is tired', Mira proceeded to vomit everywhere in the swing. My thought process was 30 seconds too late.

Ironically, Mira has just gotten out of the bath not an hour before that. She was happy and smiling beforehand and was very content for the first few minutes in the swing prior to her episode. Back inside we went and back into the bath, for a second time. She took it all in stride and wasn't too upset about having to do it all over again.

In terms of seizures, Mira had a big tonic-clonic yesterday morning and a ton of myoclonics throughout the day. Today, she had a bunch of clusters of myoclonics this morning, but no huge seizures all day. Yesterday, she was a little irritable at times, but today, she was pretty quiet. We tried to mix it up by keeping her busy today and with all the bath time and swinging, she certainly had plenty to keep her occupied.

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