Monday, February 16, 2015

Similar Day

Mira had a slightly less rocky day today, but still had some serious fussing spells. She did alright this morning for a bit, until she started having a ton of myoclonics right after breakfast. All of those head drops and attacks really got under her skin and she quickly tired of her toy. She rested for a little bit and was irritable during lunch. Mira may have been getting bored, as the kids didn't have school today and it was too cold and snowy to get outside. No big seizures today, which is great.

Mira has been doing the creatine for about a week now and we haven't really seen any improvement, other than her miraculous fuss-free day on Saturday. We will keep moving forward at this dosage and see where it takes us. For now, she seems to have more energy, so it may be helping in other ways.

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