Monday, February 9, 2015

A Typical Monday and The Worst Senator in Kansas

Probably one of the most uneventful Mondays in quite some time, which I am certainly not complaining. Mira woke up, had about 20-30 myoclonic seizures, right after getting out of bed. She became irritable after about 20 minutes in her chair, so she went back to bed for a little while before her bus arrived. We raced around the house for a few minutes, which Mira usually enjoys, then off to school she went. She had a pretty typical day at school - some good focusing on some different toys, intermixed with some fussy spells. Nothing out of the ordinary. This afternoon, Mira celebrated 'Unhappy Hour' around 4:00pm and let everyone know that she was not in a good mood. By 6:00pm, she was feeling better and she had a decent amount to eat for dinner. A very typical day.

After the kids are in bed, I always like to see what our friends in the Kansas Senate are up to, especially Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook, who has a habit of making my blood boil. As the chair of the Committee on Public Health and Welfare, she is the lone antagonist of Senate Bill 9 (SB9), personally seeing that the bill never reaches the senate floor. Despite the fact that 70% of Kansans approve of medicinal marijuana, she continues to block the will of the people, in an effort to push her own absurd legislation. This will be the third year in a row that Pilcher-Cook's self-serving, hyper-religious agenda keeps Kansas patients from gaining access to viable treatment options. She is a walking hypocrisy.

Instead of acting as a voice of the citizens of Kansas, Pilcher-Cook spends a majority of her legislative efforts on bills like Senate Bill 56 (SB56) which promotes the prosecution of educators in the state. She wants to remove an exemption that protects teachers from being sued for discussing literature like Huckleberry Finn. She would rather spend tax dollars persecuting teachers than help suffering patients.

Her website boasts 'integrity' and 'reason' as two of her core values, both of which are words she fails to practice. Based on some of prior legislative efforts, I feel not only is she an impeding the democratic process at every turn, but I also seriously question her moral and mental competency as an elected official of the people. 'Integrity' in promoting her own personal agenda, and a defiance of the people she supposedly represents, without 'reason'.

This morning I had read that there is brewing speculation that a lawsuit (if not multiple lawsuits) against her are being formed. Hopefully, this will be her last session as a Kansas Senator. If you would like to question Senator Pilcher-Cook, she can be reached at or at 785-296-7362. Feel free to call and ask her why she continues to block SB9 and why she consistently ignores the will of the people. I have no doubt she will not respond, as it is her motive to ignore.

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