Sunday, February 22, 2015

An Only Slightly Better Day

Mira had an only slightly better day than yesterday. The only difference with today was that she didn't have an enormous seizure to start off the day, which is great. Unfortunately, she was still in an irritable mood for most of the day. Again, she didn't last long in her chair this morning and just wanted to be back in bed.

Seizure wise, I didn't see hardly any activity, other than some subtle head drops this morning. Mira wasn't having any myoclonics and certainly not any bigger seizures all day, but she was definitely on an emotional roller coaster. She took a significant nap, starting right after lunch, but celebrated the Unhappy Hour at the usual time.

With Sarah and Eli out of town in Los Angeles, I decided to get Mira and Jonah out of the house late this afternoon, despite the cold. We headed up to Ikea to pick up the rest of Eli's new bed frame that I forgot to get last week. Mira loved the car ride, but wanted to keep moving all of the time, which is impossible, especially while battling the crowd in the store. Regardless, Mira managed to muster a few smiles while we were working our way around, but quickly tired when we were at a standstill at the checkout line.

 Hopefully, school tomorrow will break her fussy weekend funk that she has been in.

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