Saturday, November 14, 2015

3,Then 2, Then 1

After Mira's really rough day earlier this week, having 3 multiple tonic-clonics and myoclonic episodes, I suppose she 'improved' slightly be the end of the week, by having only 2 big seizures on Thursday and only one yesterday. She had been fairly consistent with having at least one intense tonic-clonic per day and today was no exception. Mira has been very lethargic and tired all day today, napping at every opportunity. I had to wake her up on both outings today, first to the park for a while, then to run some errands this afternoon. Both trips generated a few moments of excitement for her, but overall, she has been very subdued and quiet. The drool she is producing is non-stop - she is like a faucet. We have resorted to her wearing a hand towel all of the time and when it isn't on her lap, we are constantly wiping her face. She has been drenching her clothes, especially when she is 90 degrees upright in her chair. She just reached the half-way point with the Vimpat wean and really, nothing has changed - it is difficult to gauge her seizure activity sometimes overall, but it doesn't seem any worse than it was a few weeks ago. Her demeanor is strange during the wean - I would expect that she might become more irritable and upset, but what we have witnessed is the exact opposite. She is withdrawn, silent, and tired all of the time. It's actually as though she is more sedated coming off of the medication.

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