Friday, November 27, 2015

Still Quiet

We had a very quiet and relaxing Thanksgiving yesterday, which was great. Sarah spent a ton of time on Wednesday preparing most of the food (with the exception of the turkey and stuffing) so that we would have a minimal amount of prep and actual cooking time on Thursday. Everything turned out to be so incredibly delicious, especially the stuffing - Sarah is the master at it.

Mira continued to be quiet most of the day yesterday and today. She has been having these periodic laughing episodes, which is music to our ears, but we have no idea what is provoking them - they are very random. She just laughs a little, usually in her bed - by the time we go in to see what she is up to, she stops. They only tend to last a few seconds, but again, always nice to hear her laughing. She continues to have about one tonic-clonic a day, but we have been keeping her toy exposure to a minimum. She didn't seem to miss it too much today, although she did get a little cranky this afternoon. We tried it, she had a coupe of strong myoclonics, so we immediately removed it. I was able to get a picture of her and it was perfect timing - I got the feeling she was looking at me at one point.

Today was Mira's last day of Vimpat and while we did see a steady increase in seizures the past coupld of weeks, the seizure activity seems to have come back down to a more 'normal' range. Sarah and I are going to discuss when to start the fluoxetine.

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