Sunday, November 22, 2015

Slight Improvement

Today was better than yesterday, if for nothing more than not having to administer trazodone. Mira didn't have near the number of twitches and seizures just 24 hours ago, but she did have a massive tonic-clonic about 1:00pm this afternoon. We managed to run some errands before the seizure, which Mira was excited about. Just getting out and about in Target was the highlight of the day. After the seizure, she spent the next few hours in her chair, recovering, as seen in the picture above. She slowly came around late afternoon, but she continued to be groggy the rest of this evening. I suppose the most interesting part of the day was this morning, when Mira was vocalizing quite a bit, just repeating this sort of moaning sound every few seconds. It went on for over an hour. It wasn't seizure activity, since she was scanning the room and flapping her hands every so often - I think she just had a lot to say.

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