Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Very Quiet

The past couple of days, Mira has been really quiet and reserved. She has been averaging at least one big seizure at some point during the day. This morning she had one about 15 minutes before the bus arrived, which made her extremely tired all day at school. She had a similar day yesterday at school, without a big seizure. Both days she has been having some smaller seizures and head drops throughout the day, based on her teacher's note, but no major tonic-clonics. We have been avoiding her toy as much as possible, as it has been backfiring every time we think it is safe to give her - her lone seizure we witnessed today, was triggered by her toy. We thought she was going to get upset this evening when we didn't put it in front of her, but she was extremely quiet the entire time. She kept dozing off in her chair and when she wasn't napping, she was just quietly staring into space.

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