Sunday, November 1, 2015

Strange Days

We started the Vimpat wean yesterday morning and while we wouldn't expect to see any differences for another week or so, Mira has been a little off for the past 2 days, but really, she has been off for the past several weeks. She has been very quiet this weekend and sleeping quite a bit. The only time she is even remotely animated is when we are either going for a walk or running errands. Even when we are out and about, she takes every opportunity to sneak in a catnap, with her ongoing exhaustion clearly evident throughout the day. She took an extended 2 hour nap this morning, right after breakfast.

On a positive note, she was able to play with her toy some on both days, without having a tonic-clonic. She had a number of strong myoclonics throughout the day, even when she wasn't anywhere near her toy. When we were on our walk earlier today, she had a few random events, where she would have a myoclonic, then came back to baseline, reaching for her toy, as though it in front of her. I think she is so conditioned to having seizures in front of her toy, it's just a natural reaction for her. It's terrible and saddens me to see her do this - she has been having seizures for over 10 years now and her post-myoclonic reaction is to reach for her toy, after these isolated heavy myoclonics.

The other thing we have noticed over the past few weeks is Mira's drooling. She is almost like a faucet most of the day - we don't think it is sedation per se, since she has been at the same dosage medication wise, for a long time. In fact, we are anticipating less sedation, since she is actually moving down on the Vimpat. Overall, she is moving less, certainly vocalizing less, and drooling more, and we have no idea why. These are strange days. Chalk it up to daylight saving time, the colder weather, or simply exhaustion from relentless seizure activity. 

I am going to finish watching the Royals-Mets game. I'm not too optimistic about this one, with the Royals down 1-0 and the Mets have the bases loaded with nobody out. I have a feeling the series is coming back to Kauffman on Tuesday, which is fine by me.

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