Monday, November 30, 2015

Back to School

As I suspected, Mira had a pretty rough day at school today. She was not happy this morning getting up and her poor temperament continued all day. Her teacher said she was upset most of the day and was not interested in doing much of anything, except fussing. Her appetite remained strong, but she is obviously having a hard time adjusting to school after a 5 day break. She continued to be irritable up until dinner time, thus we gave the toy a try, which of course, was a mistake. We took it away after 30 seconds, when she started having a strong myoclonic. I raced around the house for a bit in her chair, which took the edge off for a few minutes - she then proceeded to get very drowsy, almost falling asleep in her chair when we finally stopped. Just a typical up and down day for Mira. It might take her a few days to get back into a groove.

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