Sunday, November 29, 2015

Drowsy and Irritable

Mira has been fairly drowsy today, yet periodically voicing her disapproval of certain things throughout the day today. She woke up this morning and was very cold, clammy, and reserved. She managed to not have any tonic-clonics the entire day, probably because we didn't put her toy in front of her once today, which added to her grumpiness. We tried once with the toy yesterday and she immediately went into a strong myoclonic within the first 5 seconds, so we have avoided it since then. Most of her day today involved taking naps, in her chair, in her bed, and at times, when she was having a bottle. She became irritable this afternoon before dinner and just wanted in her bed. Unfortunately, she needed to get up and have a bath, which she was very unhappy about. After bath time, she had another bottle and was back asleep within 10 minutes. Something tells me she isn't going to be happy about getting up early tomorrow morning for school, after being off since Tuesday.

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