Monday, April 27, 2015

Crabby Morning

Mira was not a happy camper this morning. She didn't have a ton of myoclonic seizures, but something sure was making her irritable. She was fine for the first 20 minutes or so in her chair waiting for the bus, but then she ramped it up and was kicking mad, literally kicking her bottom footrests on her chair so hard I thought they were going to snap off. She stayed that way until the bus arrived and from the sound of it, the ride to school didn't help her demeanor much. She continued to have an up and down day at school.

This afternoon, again, not much in the way of seizures, but she continued to be off and on fussy. We rushed through dinner and took her out to the park, which seemed to break the cycle. She spent a little time in the swing and we walked around the park for another half-hour. That wore her out before bed and she went right to sleep.

We are still going back and forth with GeneDx on Mira's CEP (Comprehensive Epilepsy Panel) but can't seem to get an update from them with insurance. We will try again mid-week.

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