Tuesday, April 7, 2015


After having a string of tonic-clonic days, Mira has been fairly quiet the past two days, at least on the seizure front. She wakes up having a fair amount of myoclonics in the morning, but not a whole lot of seizure activity the rest of the day.

Monday morning, Mira made it very clear that she did not want to get out of bed. I let her sleep in as long as I could before the bus arrived, but she still wanted nothing to do with being in her chair. She was fuming mad, so after a couple of minutes getting her ready, she made it vocally clear that she just wanted to keep resting. I even gave her a bottle while she was in bed. She finally came around, right before the bus pulled up and the feedback we got from school was that she ended up having a pretty smooth day.

Today was similar, minus the morning theatrics before breakfast. She again had an uneventful day at school. Not a whole lot of seizure activity this afternoon, but she did end up going to bed a little earlier than usual because she was droopy and tired.

Still waiting on some feedback from the neurology clinic on the comprehensive epilepsy panel paperwork. It is always a long process.

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