Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sleep + Congestion

Mira had another lethargic day today and it became very clear this morning as to why she has been sleeping so much - she is congested. It's either allergies or a virus, but either way, Mira is having a lot of sinus congestion. She hasn't been running a fever, but with all of the discharge and nasal issues, I am sure it is causing her some discomfort.

She was up at the usual time this morning, but ironically, she didn't have any seizures. In fact, I really didn't see any all day today. We have noticed that sometimes when Mira comes down with something like this, she actually tends to have less seizures. It's weird and could just be my imagination, but I didn't see any myoclonics all day and certainly not any big seizures.

She took a really long nap this morning and just like yesterday, finally woke up around lunch time. She drank quite a bit and went back to bed for another nap.  She was off and on asleep for most of the afternoon. She absolutely hated getting a bath tonight, crying before, during, and after. At least her toy made her happy before bed and she was able to play with it uninterrupted for about a half hour or so. Hopefully her congestion won't stick around long.

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