Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Feeling Much Better

Most of Mira's congestion cleared up last night and she woke up snot-free, for lack of a better term. Her sinus pressure seems to be gone and you can tell she is feeling better overall. She didn't have much of an appetite this morning, but then again, she had a lot to eat before bed. She had much more energy today, along with some fussy spells, but they didn't last long.

After dinner, she was very enthusiastic with her toy (with no seizures) and just like last night, polished off three bottles in no time flat. We went to the park afterwards and got her in the swing for a bit. She reacted very positive to it and enjoyed the movement. It was the most energy I have seen her have in the swing in quite a while. We walked around the park after the swing and she crashed hard once she was in bed.

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