Sunday, April 26, 2015

Up + Down, All Day Long

Mira was all over the map today. She had periods of full-on belly laughing, mixed with extreme fussiness. She woke up this morning and had a really intense seizure, which of course knocked her out for a good hour. After that, we didn't see much seizure activity, the rest of the day. Then the ride began................

Most of her afternoon was spent on the roller coaster of moodiness - she was up and down for the remainder of the day. She had an enormous appetite, drinking a number of bottles, sometimes giggling in between them. When it came time for a bath after dinner, Mira ramped up the fussiness to maximum volume. She cried through the entire time, from shampoo to dry and everywhere in between. You would think she would have exhausted from the 45 minutes of fussing, but she was still ready for more. Back in her chair, she drank another few bottles and had a long stretch with her toy, shifting gears and began giggling at times again.

Up and down. Laughing and fussing. Just another day for Mira.

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