Sunday, April 12, 2015

So Serious

Mira only had one big tonic-clonic seizure today, which I suppose is an improvement from yesterday. She had a bunch of episodes that were basically myoclonics, one of which this morning turned into a full blown seizure. We kept a close eye on her all day, especially when she was in front of her toy. The trigger for her this morning and all day yesterday was of course, her toy - she was having a lot of similar episodes as before, so we tried to keep her playing to a minimum. We took a long break from it the rest of the day.

I think the separation from her primary source of entertainment made Mira angry. We finally relented this afternoon and let her play with it and she definitely made up for lost time. She played for about an hour straight and a couple of times, she would stop, turn her head, having this completely serious face, as though she was still pouting for not having her toy for so long. Mira looked mad.

After dinner, she had a bath, and was quiet afterwards. We then gave her a little more time with her toy, which was uneventful from a seizure standpoint. No frowns from Mira either - hopefully she isn't going to hold a grudge tomorrow.

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