Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ready for Bed

Mira was up and down this morning - she was able to get some quality time with her toy, without having any significant seizure activity. Ironically she tired of her toy pretty quickly and was fussy after that. I'm not sure how the bus ride went overall, but she was certainly not happy as she was getting on to go to school.

She had a decent day at school - happy and attentive, but this afternoon, she continued to be irritable. She took the crankiness to a whole other level during her bath, which was exhausting for everyone. Mira had a little more time with her toy and again tired of it after a few minutes. I think she was just ready for bed, because within 5 minutes of being out of her chair, she was as happy as can be and immediately after, fell fast asleep.

Despite the irritability, Mira didn't have any big seizures, which was great, although it feels like alternating days between heavy seizures or crankiness. Today was definitely a fussy day for her.

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