Friday, April 3, 2015

Paperwork and Seizures

We followed up today on the paperwork necessary to try and appeal insurance for Mira's denied CMP (Comprehensive Epilepsy Panel) screen through the company that does the actual testing. It takes a lot of shuffling paperwork through neurology, the testing company, and of course, us. I am not optimistic that anything will come out of this, as insurance tends to dig in their heels when it comes to genetic testing and stated plan benefits. It certainly doesn't hurt to try. We will keep following up until we hear a decision.

Mira had a decent morning and a good day at school, but a rough afternoon. She had a huge seizure about 5:00pm, right when we put her in her chair. It was very random. She was playing happily with her toy for a minute and she just broke right into a big TC. The epilepsy roller coaster always has its ups and downs - after having a few really good days, she tends to follow up with a few bad ones.

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