Wednesday, January 21, 2015

180 Degrees

What a difference a day makes. Mira had an awesome day today, which is a complete 180 from where she was a couple of days ago. The report from her teacher at school said that Mira was all smiles today - happy and laughing for most of the day. All of this after only starting back on Lyrica 36 hours ago. Never again will we question if it helps with her irritability. It has had a remarkable impact on her since yesterday - it might be a honeymoon period, as we have seen with other medications, but for now, we will celebrate Mira being in a positive mood!

She had about a dozen myoclonics this morning, certainly down from the hundred or so she had yesterday. Mira took a nap after school and woke up fussy for just a moment, but she snapped out of it within a few seconds after getting her toy in front of her. For the next two solid hours, she played, drank a few bottles, and we raced around the house in her chair. Nothing seemed to tire her. She had a few myoclonic seizures when she first started playing, but didn't really have any visible drops after that.

Right now, she is quietly looking around in her bed, still not really ready for sleep. Today was a welcome change from the last couple of months. Such a positive, remarkable change in such a short amount of time.

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